Studio Optica is based out of Edmonton, Canada


At Studio Optica, we make films, not videos. To us, this not a career - this is a passion.

When you hire us, you're not hiring a videographer, you're hiring a filmmaker. We’re not simply recording events; we’re capturing and shaping your story. We love that magical moment when you watch a project connect with someone - be it through seeing a dramatic film connect with an audience, capturing a happy couple on their wedding day, or seeing a brand resonate with customers. We approach every video as a film, from pre to post production.

Our background is in the independent film industry. Our award winning short films have screened at film festivals around the world. Our founder programs and judges film festivals. We also volunteer for them. When we work, we think global. What we do is art, and we don't think about art as competitive. We believe in supporting our friends both locally and internationally. The more diverse the voices that are allowed to speak the better our film culture will be. There is enough room on this planet for everyone to do what they love - and this is what we love.

Our inspirations include film new and old, our travels, and our varied creative practices. We view every adventure as an opportunity to become better filmmakers and better people. We love video because we learn something new with every project.

Film is magic. We believe in magic.